gold Native American Indian Chief pinkie Ring (JL#2785)

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Product Description

  • This jaw-dropping ring features a Native American wearing a headdress that is decorated with dazzling high quality multi-colored CZ gems. Stunning diamond cuts are made by hand to the precious metal, creating a look that is sure to turn heads. Native American headdresses were used by various tribes and were crafted from feathers, with each feather traditionally being earned for acts of strength and courage. Only the strongest, bravest, and worthy members of the tribe would gather enough feathers to make a headdress. In modern times, the headdress is often associated with strength, nobility, courage, and wisdom. This smaller sized ring is perfect as a pinky ring or for smaller hands. It is crafted exclusively from fine , making it a valuable gift that will last for years to come. Our rings are proudly handcrafted in our California factory.

  • Made in USA!