The Claddagh is a traditional symbol of two hands gently clasping a heart that wears a crown. The hands represent friendship, the heart stands for love and the crown depicts loyalty.

There are more than one legends about how the Claddagh ring came to be, including one that has an eagle dropping the ring in a woman’s lap as a reward for her good deeds.

Those that follow the tradition of the Claddagh wear the ring on the right hand with the heart facing away from the body to indicate that they are single, with the heart facing the body to show that their heart belongs to someone, or on the left hand facing outwards to show an engagement.

A Claddagh ring is the perfect gift to show the woman you love that you think of her as loyal and loving, and the traditions surrounding the ring will excite those that love romantic lore.

Whether you buy this ring as a gift or as a special token for yourself, the Claddagh is a special piece of jewelry that will be treasured for generations.