It can be hard to say “I love you”. It can be even harder to express how you are looking for a deeper level of commitment, but want to respect the time it takes to truly get to know someone before marriage.

Those words and feelings are not exclusive to lovers. Sometimes it’s hard to express our love to our siblings, children, grandparents, mentors and friends.

You can express those words, and all the meaning behind them, with a promise ring.

A promise ring shows that you take the relationship seriously, and that even if the relationship does not endure, your respect and admiration for that person will live on.

Our collection of over 200 affordable promise rings for women includes bands of white or yellow gold, and beautifully cut zirconias in a variety of settings. With a promise ring, you can tell your girlfriend that you are falling deeper in love and are excited about exploring your future together, or you can use a teardrop zirconia in a gold band to tell your 13 year old daughter that despite the ups and downs in your relationship, you promise to always love her.

Promise rings. They say so much when you struggle for words. Check our collection of promise rings for women today.