Trio Sets

Our trio wedding sets are designed for couples that want luxury on a budget. CZ diamonds in traditional and modern settings means we have his and her matching ring sets for every style.

Imagine your bride wearing the beautiful simulated diamond solitaire that you proposed with as she walks down the aisle, just before you exchange bands that perfectly match her gorgeous ring.

Times are changing. The old adage that you must spend up to three month’s salary on a large diamond ring is now a thing of the past. Today’s couples consider lifestyle, budget and practically in their purchases and with the outstanding quality of our simulated gemstones, few can easily tell the difference between our very affordable trio sets or a budget-busting ring that puts you in debt.

With our very affordable prices for our ring sets, brides, grooms and budgets can live together in perfectly harmony.

Get the trio set you want today, at a price you can afford right now.