The diamond solitaire ring is a very popular choice for engagement rings, but “solitaire” actually means any single gemstone set into a ring.

Jewelry Liquidation has an outstanding collection of solitaire rings for women that includes topaz, amethyst, opals and other beautiful gemstones, in addition to traditional single diamond settings.

Why do we have such colorful gemstones in our solitaire collection? Because a solitaire makes a statement – and we want you to make the statement that suits you best.

When a lady wears a large, bright gemstone, such as our simulated garnet cocktail ring that is beautifully set in a fashionable gold design, she is displaying her confidence. Garnets are eye catching and are the perfect complement to an elegant dress. Similarly, a shimmering blue topaz can set off blue eyes or, for fun, can even be matched to a manicure in the same shade.

However, some lovely ladies don’t like to be the center of attention, but still want to have that complete, sophisticated look. These beautiful women typically choose flattering clothing with sleek lines and minimal details – and use a solitaire ring to really elevate the entire outfit. Here is where you’ll see your diamond, citrine and opal solitaires lending an air of quiet sophistication and grace.

The solitaire is a beautiful, classic setting that can finish a variety of looks, from bold to bashful. For the perfect engagement ring or the perfect ring to go with a cocktail dress, check out our collection today.