COVID-19 Coronavirus Front Line Hero Pendant (JL#11643)

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COVID Heroes


Pandemic Heroes

The highest number of cases recorded worldwide was in the United States, and everyone working the front lines sacrificed themselves to bring comfort, care, and assistance to those affected and to the vulnerable. As a company based in the US, we proudly acknowledge these brave men and women. Front liners - medical workers, delivery services, food & grocery - we owe our lives to you.


Pandemic Front Line Workers

Medical Worker

Farmers & Grocers

Shipping & Deliveries

Medical Workers

Perhaps the hardest hit workers are the ones in the front lines taking care of everyone at the expense of exposing themselves. Medical workers like doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff were risking their lives daily to ensure we were all taken care of.

Farmers & Grocers

From the farmers who grow our food, to the grocers who distribute and provide it to the public. They were in the front lines making sure America had the essential supplies it needed to survive.

Shipping & Deliveries

Staying at home was made possible due to the fact that we could get all we needed delivered. People working win shipping and fulfillment centers, as well as the truck drivers and delivery personnel made it all possible. They were delivering critical supplies to essential businesses and sheltered individuals throughout the pandemic.


Pandemic Front Line Workers

Science & Research


First Responders

Scientists & Researchers

Virologists, microbiologists, immunologists and other scientists took to the labs and began researching and studying the virus to give the medical community and policy makers all the data and information needed to make sure the spread could be contained, provide therapeutics and other treatments for those who were sick, and begin work on vaccines to prevent outbreaks in the future.

Utility Workers

Delivering power, internet, and water at a time we needed most. Utility workers had to work day and night to provide us all with all we take for granted, all while meeting unprecedented demand. Working from home, video calling with loved ones was only possible because of the work put in by all the utility workers.

Police & First Responders

Police, first responders, and those who service our communities worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to make sure we were kept safe at home.


Pandemic Front Line Pendant

Hero Pendants

These gorgeous Amoravi pendants are made from the finest quality 10 or 14 karat solid gold.

Proudly designed and manufactured in our downtown Los Angeles factory