Large Diamond Cut Heart Gold Nugget Pushback Earrings (JL# E12100)

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Product Description

  • Impress that person in your life with the gift of fine gold jewelry. These jaw-dropping earrings are large and feature a gold nugget design in the shape of a heart. Of course, only fine is used to produce such a stunning design. To add to the allure of the earrings, diamond cuts are added to create a mirror-like finish that will sparkle in the light. These earrings make the best gift for all types of special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or especially valentines day! These earrings are proudly handcrafted in our California factory.

  • These large jaw-dropping earrings feature a gold nugget design in the shape of a heart.
  • Only real, fine gold is used to craft this magnificent pair of earrings. They are NOT gold plated, filled, or dipped.
  • Proudly Shipped Directly from our Manufacturing Factory in the USA
  • Comes With Free Jewelry Gift Box
  • All items sold by Jewelry Liquidation come with a 90 Day Comprehensive Warranty